Equal Exchange & South Coast Music Together

SCMT Ryan K. Howarth Scholarship Fund;
helping families make music for LIFE!

To see the full Equal Exchange catalog, click here. Your purchase supports fair trade, as well as local families who want to attend SCMT classes, but need a little financial help. Orders will be delivered in time for Holiday gift giving:-).

If you would like to place an order

  • Email Rhonda, at SCMTMA@gmail.com
  • Checks made payable to SCMT 
  • Mailed to: P.O. Box 382, Westport Point, MA 02791 (or bring with you to class)
  • Orders are due: Sunday, December 8, 2019. 

Thank you so much for your support! 

South Coast Music Together is proud to have offered scholarships to area families since 2004.  We began our Scholarship Fund, with an anonymous donation, with the specification that it benefit a family with more than a couple of children; one which would find the classes cost prohibitive for their large(r) family.  Since then South Coast Music Together has provided well over 150 partial scholarships!

Ryan K. Howarth Scholarship Fund FAQ's

Who receives Scholarships? Families from all over the South Coast, and from all walks of life, sometimes need a little help to afford the cost of SCMT classes.  Applicants have been varied, from families struggling with medical costs, to fixed income single parents, to parents who are students on a tight budget, to parents of multiples living on a single income.  Most often a family just needs a bit of a subsidy to meet their need.  SCMT is a small business, and while we would love to be able to shoulder the cost entirely on our own, the need is so great that is not an economically feasible option.  Our fund raisers are limited, and only consist of quality offerings to SCMT families.

Who is Ryan K. Howarth?  Ryan is Director, Rhonda Matson's nephew, who worked behind the scenes for SCMT, until his untimely passing in March of 2014.  Ryan was an accomplished cellist, pianist, violin player, and vocalist.  He performed in musical theater productions, as well, as in string quartets, and as a wedding soloist.  His love for his own nieces, and nephew, his sisters, his mom, and his very large extended family (which included oh, so many friends who were like family too!), was even greater than his love for music.  He brought passion to all his endeavors, and to thank him for all he gave to SCMT, for his love of music and family, to carry on his memory, we name our Scholarship Fund in his honor. 

To learn more about the Scholarship process, please click here.