Welcome to South Coast Music Together!

SCMT Classroom Guidelines and Policies

Please be a model, not a coach We ask that you speak as little as possible in class, and immerse your child in the language of music.
Also... Did you know that it is often in our silence, between songs, when children will grace us with their vocalizing? Please be respectful of the other families in your class, and honor our request to model SINGING behavior, not talking behavior.

Please download our free app, to receive notification about classroom changes, cancellations, enrollment, other events, and all things SCMT related. This is the PRIMARY form of communicating with families. We do not like to be bombarded with notifications, so we will not bombard you with notifications, and will only send notices out when it is truly pertinent. If you choose NOT to download the app, please know you will be responsible for seeking out this information via the News section at the bottom of the homepage of our website, or via our FB Group, SCMT Families & Friends.

Phones in class: Please keep cell phones on vibrate. We understand that in this era important calls can come at any time. We also understand your cell phone is often your connection to your older child, who may be in school, or with another caregiver. However, we do ask that you refrain from taking calls in the classroom, and refrain from texting, while in class. If you must use your mobile phone, please step outside of our classroom, and return when your call / text is completed. Mobile phone use in class is a tremendous distraction, which is not fair to the other families attending the class.

Photo taking in class: Yes, we want you to get that perfect picture of your child, but not at the cost of musical play and interaction with your little one. Please keep picture / video taking very brief and non-disruptive. Please also think twice before posting a picture which has a child other than your own in the frame, to social media sites. Some families strongly prefer to not have their child's image on the internet. Please respect those with such wishes. 

Eating or drinking in class: We ask that families refrain from eating in our classrooms. Food allergies exist for many children, and what is safe for your child may be very dangerous for another. In addition, having food in our classrooms has been a concern for some of our landlords and we have found it necessary to create this policy. Water as a drink is encouraged, and is welcome in the classroom space; juice drinks, or milk should be consumed just outside of the classroom area. (Water, being free of sugar, does not attract any critters and if spilled, clean up is very easy & it really hydrates!). We do ask that all drinks have some form of spill proofing.

Nursing and bottle feeding in class: Nursing and bottle feeding in class are completely acceptable, and often absolutely necessary. We trust each family will attend to their child(ren) as needed.

Hand Washing: Hand wipes are available in every class, and we ask that everyone give their hands a quick wash before class - and anytime thereafter you feel is necessary. This simple measure goes a long way toward keeping everyone one healthy! This helps us minimizes risk, for those with food allergies, and helps us avoid sharing some germs:-).

Shoes off please: In an effort to keep our floors as clean as we can for the crawling infants, we ask that you do not wear shoes in class. Comfortable slippers, socks, or clean bare feet, are always welcome. If anyone in your family has a physical need to wear shoes in class, we just ask that the soles get a cleaning (just like your hands:-).

Snow Cancellations: Should we encounter some snow, or other intense weather, and school is cancelled in the town your class is in, SCMT classes are cancelled too. There may be days when school has not been cancelled, but it is necessary to cancel classes for safety reasons. On those days you will receive a notification via the SCMT app. If in doubt, check the News section at the bottom of the homepage of our website: www.SouthCoastMT.com, or our Facebook page (South Coast Music Together) & our Facebook Group (SCMT Families & Friends), still not sure... call or text Rhonda: 508 493 0355.

Make-up Classes: You are welcome to attend make up classes at any of our locations. However, these classes must be scheduled to ensure that we do not exceed the maximum number of children per class.  Make-up classes are a courtesy extended to SCMT families, are first come, first served, and are not guaranteed. Please be proactive about scheduling your make up classes. Access the make up scheduler through the SCMT app, or bookmark the Make Up Schedule page (http://southcoastmt.com/makeups.aspx) to have it at your fingertips. Please note, make ups do not roll over from one session to another session - they must be completed within the ten weeks of any given collection.

School Vacation / Holiday: Classes ARE held during school holidays and vacation weeks. Older children are welcome to join our class! We do not have a set fee for these visits, but we do gratefully accept donations to the SCMT Scholarship Fund. Older children may choose to participate or not. We do ask that those older children who choose not to participate bring a quiet activity to keep them entertained and that they sit outside of the classroom. Behavior modeling is a cornerstone of SCMT classes. A younger child’s opinion of participation may be adversely affected when s/he observes an older child, or caregiver deliberately not participating.
Children visitors are welcome in non-vacation week classes, with no predetermined fee for up to three visits per session, but scholarship donations are gratefully accepted. After the third visit by a non-enrolled child(ren) the fee is $10 per child