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I initially enrolled my daughter Katherine because I thought it would be something pleasant to do with her. What I didn't anticipate was the education that my family received. Through taking these classes, I have learned to be more animated in my oral communication with Katherine. I have also become more creative in play. Katherine and I make up new words to the songs and additional movements in addition to the ones we learn in class. My husband will usually adopt a favorite song from each CD and he sings Katherine a song as part of her bedtime routine. He also joins us in song and movements which amazes his family. Clearly, the skills learned through Music Together® have given my husband and I an array of additional "tools" to connect and bond with our daughter.

Joanne, Mom to Katherine, 2

SCMT has been a wonderful experience for Jade! She loves it and I feel that this experience has made her appreciate music more than she would have without it. Thanks so much!

Margo, Mom to Jade, 18mos.

From our very first session, last September, I learned to be more comfortable with music, singing and being a musical role model for my granddaughter, Megan. I've gained confidence in my musical abilities and no matter how or what I sing Megan is always going to enjoy my singing. I was impressed that I didn't have to sing perfectly, or anywhere close, just participating in singing, rhythm chants and moving is what's important. I've benefited very much and feel I have grown since first I started. And Megan, she has made great strides due to the classes and and music making at home.

Pauline, Grandmother to Megan, 2

The class has enriched our lives in so many ways. I feel that I'm a better singer now myself. My repertoire of songs to sing to him has grown so much. The fact that he is already "singing" syllables to songs la,la, babas, mi mi's just amazes me. He loves to sing the "Me Me, You You..etc" song from the last session. My husband even joins along in all the singing. I'm sure that his singing will also help his speech and word formation in the months to come. What just started out for me as a morning out to do something fun with Matthew has been so much more. We've enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks so much!!!

Michelle, Mom to Matthew, 17mos.

You wouldn't believe how much Ella sings at home. I sing to her
almost every night before bed and it is such a special time. Also, today
she had her 2 year check up and we had to wait in the exam room forever and
she was getting nervous sitting around and waiting, waiting, waiting. So we sat and sang and sang it really helped her get through the waiting period.

Tracy, Mom to Ella and Sophia

We love Music Together and Rhonda, who is an exceptionally gifted facilitator. She has nicely introduced our four month old son to musical pleasure. He seems to benefit tremendously, and we're very thankful.

Denise F.

My daughter loves Music Together. She looks forward to
every class and doesn't want to leave at the end. We
listen to the tapes in the car and the CD's at home
and I'm not even remotely sick of them! She dances
around the living room singing her favorites even when
the CD isn't on. She sings in tune too, which is
something I always had a hard time with, though I'm
getting better with MT. I've attended other music
programs geared towards young children, but this is
the only one I've seen that has really appealed to
both the children and parents. I wish it had been
available when my older daughter was younger.

Jessica, Mom to Abby, 6

I like the music, songs, dancing, and all the people I
see in class every week. My favorite song right now is
"Who says they're gonna come back? Your Mommy and
Daddy do..." And I'm definitly coming back to music

Abby, 6

"I am enjoying South Coast Music Together classes for a number of reasons. My four-year-old daughter and I have always danced to CDs in the living room, and she's told me more than once to stop singing to them--I assume because of the quality of my voice. But in these classes we're both learning a lot about rhythm and pitch and she hasn't asked me to stop singing yet. She enjoys using instruments and props to 'feel' the music, and I enjoy watching her having fun. We're also learning from the other children of different ages who respond enthusiastically to the lessons, which don't feel like lessons at all. My daughter is counting down the days until the class each week, so she must be enjoying herself. I know I am."

Lori, Mom to Emily, 4