Why Music Together®?

In the years before recorded music many people entertained themselves by making their own music. Singing songs and playing music was as common as having family dinner. Children learned to participate in the fun by watching and listening to Mom and Dad, Aunts and Uncles, Grandmas and Granddads, neighbors and friends, making music simply for their enjoyment. 

Times have changed. Today we have a wealth of ways to consume music: Mp3 players, radio, streaming radio, music streaming through our televisions, CD's, and more. While these are wonderful forms of entertainment there is no substitution for actually participating in the creation of music. This is especially true for children because children learn through doing, and  by observing those who love them. With this in mind, our classes include parent or caregiver involvement and a variety of engaging activities.

Our Music Together classes build on your child's natural enthusiasm for music and movement. We'll help you provide your child with the basic musical skills needed to enjoy school and social musical activities, and to study an instrument should he or she choose to do so. Most importantly our classes provide a forum for community music making, a place where we can all come together and make music simply for the joy of music making!